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Liver Transplant

Liver transplant is reserved as treatment option for patients with serious complications due to end-stage chronic liver disease. In rare cases, previously normal liver may fail suddenly.

The number of people waiting for a liver transplant highly exceeds the number of available deceased-donor livers. The human liver has the capacity to regenerate and it returns to its normal size after removing a part of the organ surgically which makes living-donor liver transplant an alternative to waiting for a deceased-donor liver to become available.

At Ege University Liver Transplant Center, a multidisciplinary team of surgeons specializing in liver transplantation, hepatologists, transplant nurses, pathology experts, radiologists and other health professionals provide quality care focused on you before, during and after transplant. Decisions about your treatment is discussed among the team, appointments are scheduled in coordination, and your transplant care team works together to determine the best treatment for you.

Over 70% over all liver transplantations performed in Turkey are done by surgeons who trained at Ege University.

1994 First Liver Transplantation (Deceased-donor )
1999 First Living-donor liver transplantation
1994-2019 1228 Liver transplatations (537 Deceased-donor, 691 Living -donor)
Assoc. Prof. Alper UĞUZ
Phone: +90 232 390 50 37
Assoc. Prof. Alper Uğuz graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and completed his General Surgery residency at Ege University in 2009. He received his European Union of Medical Specialists (U.E.M.S.) and HPB Surgery certifications in 2017. He is currently a faculty member of the Ege University School of Medicine and participates in the Liver Transplantation Program.


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