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Kidney Transplantation Center

Our staff specialist members of the kidney transplant team comprises general surgeons, nephrologists, infectious disease specialists,
pediatricians, nuclear medicine specialists, pathologists and radiodiagnostic specialists. With an experience of over 2000 successful
kidney transplants, our center provide a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment.
The kidney transplant surgeries at Ege Kidney Transplant Center are performed on donors and recipients using laparoscopic (closed)
methods. A small incision in the groin of the donor provides access to remove the donor kidney with laparoscopy. This method reduces
the risk of post-surgery infection as the incisions made are small. This method also helps the healing process.
Donors who undergo laparoscopic surgery are discharged the following day and are expected to resume their usual day to day routine
within a week. The recipient of a transplanted kidney is discharged approximately one week following the procedure.
Experience makes perfect
Years              Cadaveric             Living
1987               15                           0
1988-2013      541                        1059
2014               52 (10 pediatric)     83 (2 pediatric)
2015               78 (3 pediatric)       43 (2 pediatric)
2016               34                           71
2017               32                           43


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taylan Ö. SEZER
Phone: +90 505 950 23 71
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Taylan Ö. Sezer graduated from Ege University School of Medicine in 2001 and completed his General Surgery residency at Ege University in 2008. After returning from Pittsburgh Thomas Starzl Organ Transplant Institute in 2010, he continued to work in the organ transplantation center at Ege University School of Medicine. He has performed over a thousand live-donor and deceased-donor kidney transplants. He is currently a faculty member in the Ege University School of Medicine and oversees the Kidney Transplantation Program.

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